Sound workflow upgrades

So we just ordered the Denecke TS-C Compact Time Code Slate, Comtek FPM-216 Field Program Monitoring Kit and the Tentacle Sync E timecode Generator with Bluetooth. These new additions will be a great addition to our existing workflows. Our Zoom F8n 8 track sound mixer supports Time Code out/in and we want to utilize it with the Tentacle Sync and Denecke Slate.

Comtek FPM-216

The Tentacle sync can be used even on camera systems that don’t have a Time Code sync port… this can be done over the audio channel. So this workflow will be great on our Canon 5D Mark IV as well as RED EPIC Dragon 6K. We also shoot with the Arri Alexa Mini and plan on ordering the time code sync cable for it also.

Denecke TS-C Compact Time Code Slate

The Comtek is mainly for producers and directors to hear the audio from the Zoom F8n sound mixer. The system we ordered supports upto 7 receivers from one transmitter. So on shoots we’ll just bring some extra headsets and hand it to the clients. Previously we were running extra sennheiser wireless packs back into the camera and then the camera operator could monitor also. This will just free it up from the camera operator to anyone that needs to have a listen.

Our focus for many years was just visual quality. Now we are taking a look at the full film production workflow. Audio is 50% of the picture and this long neglected area is very necessary for a successful project. With audio being recorded on separate device and sometimes multiple camera shoots. Synchronizing over time code is becoming necessity for efficiency. We don’t want an editor stuck with all those files and having to manually sync… which can take forever.