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RED EPIC Dragon 6k available for rentals in South Florida

The RED EPIC Dragon with a sensor that has 6k of resolution (6144 x 3160) is now available for rentals in South Florida. The camera can shoot an amazing 19 megapixels RAW per frame at up to 100 frames per second. The advances just doesn’t stop with resolution… it also captures 16.5 stops of dynamic range in a camera body that has a very light weight of 5 pounds. At 2k resolution it can shoot 300fps and at 4k 300fps.

We rent a RED EPIC Dragon package that comes with Zeiss Compact Primes CP2 Super Speeds that are T1.5 lenses and also an affordable Canon L lens package that has the best Canon still lenses such as the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8l, 85mm f/1.2, 50mm f/1.2 and 24mm f/1.4 lenses. Accessories include a Small HD AC7 7″ monitor OLED screen that is absolutely gorgeous with some of the best contrast range on a monitor… sure to impress any client on set. Another option is the lightweight RED Bomb Electronic View Finder for those sunny days where you want to eliminate glare when framing a shot.

Power options include lightweight REDVolt batteries or longer lasting V-lock Brick batteries. For the REDvolt batteries you can use a single battery in the side handle for the most light weight configuration. We also have quad battery modules that use four REDvolt batteries for uninterrupted all day shooting. The lightweight REDvolt batteries power the camera for roughly 30 minutes while the brick batteries power the camera for roughly 2 hours.

For more advance users, we also carry the Bright Tangerine Strummer DNA 4×5.65″ mattebox which is one of the best light control systems in the world. This mattebox system is highly customizable, very lightweight and allows you to switch from a three stage tray system for filters or a lighter weight two stage mattebox in just seconds. Additionally, cleaning the system in the field is much easier due to the click cassette tray system.


email or call (954) 593-0411



Ace Hood “Save Us”

Ace Hood “Save Us” directed by Antwan Smith and shot at FACETMEDIA studio on March 25th, 2014. Wicked set design by the very talented @visualsxred (RED)

T-Micky (son of the president of Haiti) and Wyclef “Nou Pare” music video shoot

We were honored to have Wyclef and Sandro Martelly aka T-Micky (son of the president of Haiit) in FACETMEDIA studio for the “Nou Pare” music video directed by Max Sainvil from NY. Shot on RED EPIC with Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed lenses on Friday March 28th, 2014.

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Paralinx Arrow Plus wireless 1080p video transmitter available for rentals

Paralinx Arrow Plus with Paralinx Shield protector available for rentals. Rental price is $100 per day.

The Arrow Plus multicast system combines all the features of the Arrow with the added ability to pair each transmitter with up to four receivers. Uncompressed 4:2:2 1920×1080 10-bit video. Less than 2 ms latency. Range of over 300ft line-of-sight. Runs on 5V power. Transmitter weighs less than 40 grams. HDMI input/output. FCC, CE, and ROHS certified. Plug and play–no set-up required.


Paralinx Arrow Plus with Paralinx Shield



RED EPIC with Paralinx Arrow Plus


RED EPIC with Paralinx Arrow Plus


Paralinx Arrow Plus video feed on Apple 30″ Cinema Display via HDMI to DVI adapter




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New EZ Head RPT 25 motorized remote pan/tilt from EZ FX

Just landed is our new  EZ Head RPT 25 motorized remote pan/tilt from EZ FX based in Ocoee, Florida. The EZ Head RPT 25 can carry a camera weight of upto 25 pounds. What we like about this remote head is the ability for it to be converted into a revolving turntable for product shots. The motors and joystick from the EZ Head RPT 25 can also be used on the soon to be released EZ FX Slider that has gearing for automated movement. Other cool features is the auto calibration of the joystick that takes four seconds, ramping speed function, direction switches for both pan & tilt and low clearance of the camera platform with very little protrusion below.

The remote head alone is now available separately for rentals in South Florida for $180 per day and $540 per week. A full working package is available for $420 per day or $1260 per week that includes the EZ FX Jib with Extension Kit, Heavy Duty pedestal with dolly wheels and EZ FX remote head. We also have experienced Jib operators available that can safely and quickly build the system and operate it with precision throughout your shoot.

Feel free to arrange a demo of the jib by contacting Andrae Palmer at (954) 593-0411 or email andrae at facetmedia dot com.

ez fx jib

EZ Head RPT 25 motorized remote head frame


Motion control rigs

EZ Head RPT 25 joystick


EZ Head RPT 25 motorized remote head case

EZ HeadRPT 25 joystick
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Inner Circle “Fall In Love” featuring Ñengo Flow and Flo Rida

Inner Circle featuring Ñengo Flow and Flo Rida “Fall In Love” music video shoot on October 28th, 2013. Directed by Dimi BonesStephen Brevig Director of Photography. Shot at FACETMEDIA studios in Hollywood, FL. FACETMEDIA provided DIT & Grip service, RED EPIC camera, Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed lenses, Dana Dolly, EZ FX Jib with Extension Kit, Kino Flo, ARRI M18 HMI and ARRI T1 Fresnels.


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Lady Saw “Heels On” featuring Flo Rida

Shot at FACETMEDIA studio in Hollywood, Florida on October 10th, 2013. Directed by Evan Winter and Produced by Alastair Waithe from FBI Films. DIT, Production service with inclusive RED EPIC, Zeiss Compact Prime CP2 Super Speed lenses, ARRI M18 HMI, Dana Dolly and EZ FX Jib provided by FACETMEDIA.

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Sept. 14th: Green screen lighting with the RED EPIC workshop

Instructor will be Director of Photographer/Gaffer, Jay Shropshire.

RSVP here to attend:

Topics for this meet up:

Shooting green screen on the RED EPIC with Kino Flo 4×4 light banks, ARRI T1 1000 watt fresnels and ARRI M18 HMI lighting.

1. What color temperature lights are best to work with while shooting green screen on the RED EPIC
2. What iso setting and REDcode compression ratios to chose for optimal performance
3. Black calibration of the sensor: when/how to apply it and how long it takes.
4. 2k/3k sensor cropping on the RED EPIC and how it affects light setup, camera placement and studio choice
5. Shooting high speed on green screen and managing noise and low light due to higher shutter speeds
6. Light planning for different shooting scenarios
7. Ideal placement of talent on Chroma Key Green or Digital Green backdrops
8. How to solve noise issues while shooting with Tungsten light sources
9. Using a light meter to even out the light on the backdrop
10. Ideal diffusion gels for maximum light transmission
11. Chroma key pulling in After Effects, FCPX

Refreshments will be on hand.

This is a PAID meetup. Please contact Andrae Palmer at (954) 593-0411 or andrae at facetmedia dot com for other payment options if you don’t have a Paypal account.

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October 5th, 2013: RED EPIC and RED One camera intensive hands on demo and post workflow workshop



Date/Time: October 5th, 2013 from 9:30AM to 5:30PM.

Location: FACETMEDIA Studio. 5821 Rodman Street, Hollywood, FL. 33023.

Price is $100 per person. RSVP to attend here:


1. How to Build a RED EPIC and RED One CAMERA

2. HANDS-ON PRACTICE: Build Your Own RED EPIC and RED One Camera, HDRx, a New Way to Expose the Film

3. RED Storage media, transfer times and DIT (Digital Image Technician) purpose/gear/software that’s needed.

DITs Demystified: The Transformative Role of Digital Imaging Technicians on Set  <— Great presentation video that explains the role of the DIT and how he works with a Director of Photography to attain the best possible images. You will have to register to view the video.

4. How to expose a scene properly with the RED Epic and RED One camera


6. Post Workflow: Ingest RED footage, transcoding in REDCine-X, conforming for color grading

– And many more…

Refreshments will be on hand. Breakfast and lunch served.

If you don’t use Paypal please contact me for other payment options.


Andrae Palmer
email: andrae at facetmedia dot com
(954) 593-0411



Sennheiser Evolution G2 100 Series Wireless Audio Kits available for rentals

Two person mic kit is $100 per day. One person mic kit is $50 per day.



Contact: (954) 593-0411

Email: info at facetmedia dot com

Available for pickup at:

5821 Rodman Street
Hollywood, Fl. 33023


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