RED Miami Store Grand Opening Event

Last night (Saturday, June 13, 2015) during the busy Wynwood Art Walk, RED had the grand opening of their new Miami store. To kick off the event they invited local Red Owner/Operators from all over South Florida.  It was awesome seeing so many RED owners from  the online community in real life. We met local RED operators Frazier Nivens and Michael Hastings and many others from the forums.  We were happy that we didn’t miss this event. It was a full catered affair with delicious refreshments, lots of drinks and a happy interactive crowd. On top of that we had Egon Stephan Jr, owner of CVT (CineVideoTech) on hand with a RED EPIC Dragon with Leica cinema lenses on an easy rig filming the event. It was awesome just holding that lens in my hand for a brief moment.   The RED Store Miami also had the soon to be released Red Weapon Dragon with 6k sensor on an ARRI gear head in store to play with.  It was awesome to get our hands on it.

I have to say a big THANK YOU to Freddy Rodriguez, the store manager, store staff, and also to CVTRUMBUM for providing the catering and epic event (no pun intended). CVT and RUM BUM have now partnered together and are now one of the premier rental houses and production companies in South Florida. I can only see the presence of RED in Miami with local production houses nearby as a big movement that will only enable the cinema culture to continue to grow. God knows its awesome to drive to Miami now to get small items like REDvolts, chargers, etc… instead of ordering it all the way from California and waiting days for it to arrive.  Thank you RED for always looking to the future.