DIT service



Experienced Digital Image Technician service available with inclusive package of maxed out 27″ 5K iMac plus a second 30″ Apple Cinema Display, GRAID 8TD Thunderbolt Drive, full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud 2015, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve. Email info@facetmedia.com for affordable rates.

Over eight years experience on hundreds of shoots with RED One Mysterium, RED One Mysterium-X, RED EPIC Mysterium-X, RED EPIC Dragon, ARRI Alexa, Canon C300, Canon 5D and Sony FS7 shoots.

SC Johnson “Off” commercial for ION Television

Andrae Palmer was Digital Image Technician on this commercial for ION Television shot on Monday June 5th, 2012. Stephen Brevig was DoP on RED EPIC camera. This was our second commercial shoot for ION Television after shooting the Party City commercial on RED EPIC in April.


Digital Image Technician DIT Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Contact andrae at facetmedia dot com. 954.593.0411

Need a DIT?

Need a Digital Imaging Technician for your RED workflow? We have the tools to make sure your RED footage is safe, cataloged and first light corrected. We provide on set data back up services and RED footage preview. Send an email to andrae@facetmedia.com for further information.

We can assist your shoot with a Nehalem Mac Pro 8 core 2.93GHz, 17″ MacBook Pro, 30″ Apple Cinema Display, G-RAID Drives and Panasonic BT-LH1700w. Software arsenal includes REDRushes, REDCine, REDAlert, After Effects CS4, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Studio 2.