Need a DIT?

Need a Digital Imaging Technician for your RED workflow? We have the tools to make sure your RED footage is safe, cataloged and first light corrected. We provide on set data back up services and RED footage preview. Send an email to for further information.

We can assist your shoot with a Nehalem Mac Pro 8 core 2.93GHz, 17″ MacBook Pro, 30″ Apple Cinema Display, G-RAID Drives and Panasonic BT-LH1700w. Software arsenal includes REDRushes, REDCine, REDAlert, After Effects CS4, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Studio 2.

RED Pro Primes and RED 18-85mm arriving this summer

We are still awaiting our order of the RED Pro Primes kit and the RED 18-85mm zoom lens. It’s been over 2 years now since placing an order for the RED Pro Primes. Needless to say delivery has been taking quite a while. 🙂 Well the RED lenses will be arriving at a great time, now that we have a second RED camera body to act as a backup body or for second AD crew. We were told by RED that the lenses should be available this month and will keep you guys posted when the lenses arrive. The RED Pro Prime kit Includes 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm. The quality of these lenses are absolutely stunning and the talk is that technically they rival the Zeiss Master Primes which are way more expensive. As soon as we get our hands on these babies we’ll post some samples. Nighttime filming with these should be a blast.

BTW… we are looking for local indies to colloborate with on projects. So send me an email at if you have a cool project in mind. If we dig the idea we’ll see what we can do together.

RED ONE camera test footage

Backyard Productions… present… Meet My Little Friend… starring miss Norops Sagrei.

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) . 720p . 10 seconds . 113.9 MB:

Build 17 . RED 18-50mm zoom, Focal Length 50mm . Shuttler 1/24 . Aperture T3. Processed in RedCine… added contrast, saturation, pressed blacks.