RED ONE camera test footage

Backyard Productions… present… Meet My Little Friend… starring miss Norops Sagrei.

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) . 720p . 10 seconds . 113.9 MB:

Build 17 . RED 18-50mm zoom, Focal Length 50mm . Shuttler 1/24 . Aperture T3. Processed in RedCine… added contrast, saturation, pressed blacks.

RED DAY for camera holders #1751-2250

RED DAY Photo Set
Just came back from RED headquarters in Lake Forest, California yesterday. They had a workflow presentation with Michael Cioni from PlasterCity Post and Lucas from Assimilate. It was cool to see where the revolution is taking place. I’ve added a photo set to flickr of the event. Click on the pic above to see the full size pictures.

RED #1888 as arrived

After impatiently waiting more than a year our 4K RED ONE camera is finally here. We are highly looking forward to future projects with top notch cinematic appeal.

Here’s a directory with some test clip footage:

We are very impressed with the images coming from this camera. Finally we are able to use real 35mm lenses with PL mounts that are standard in the Motion Picture industry. So far we’ve tested out the RED 18-50mm and the Angenieux 25-250mm. The Angenieux lens though old (1970’s… used by Stanley Kubrick for his movie Barry Lyndon) produced a filmic look right off the bat. We were completely blown away. What was even more amazing was when we loaded the clips in REDCINE and realized how far we could push the images. This is nothing like video.