Music Videos we’ve worked on in 2012

Still waiting on most of these music videos to be edited and released. When they are completed, will update the blog with links to the finished music videos. FACETMEDIA provided the cameras to all the music videos listed below. We also were on location supporting the shoots mostly as Digital Image Technician and in some cases First AC (Focus Puller) / camera operator such as the Timbaland and Daryela “Loose Control” music video.


1. Mia Rey featuring Yung Berg “Put It On Ya” shot at M3 studios in Miami on Sunday April 15, 2012. Director is Edgar Esteves. DP is Dan Reinecke. Shot on RED One camera with Zeiss Super Speed lenses.

 2. Yung Berg “Private Dancer” shot on Saturday April 14th, 2012. Director is Edgar Esteves. Shot on two RED EPIC cameras with both Canon and Zeiss Super Speed lenses. 

 3. Money Sick “On Me” shot on April 1st, 2012. Director is Edgar Esteves. DP is Dan Reinecke. Shot on RED EPIC camera with Canon lenses. 

4. Daryela featuring Timbaland “Loose Control” shot on March 30th, 2012 in the streets of Little Havana, Sweat Records in Little Haiti and The Hit Factory. Shot on the RED EPIC camera with RED Pro Prime lenses. The director is Harris Hodovic from Stuttgart, Germany (Weare8 Films).

5. Ace Hood “Hallucinations” shot at Studione1 in downtown Fort Lauderdale on Friday February 14th, 2012 with the RED One camera and RED Pro Prime lenses.


6. Jordan Hollywood “F’ed Up” shot on Sunday February 11th, 2012 with the RED EPIC camera and Zeiss Super Speed lenses at NFL super star Bryant McKinnie’s mansion. Director is Edgar Esteves.

7. Lil Scrappy “Helicopter” featuring Rolls Royce Rizzy shot on Sunday January 15th, 2012. Director Edgar Esteves. DP Dan Reinecke. Shot on the RED EPIC camera with RED Pro Prime lenses. 



“My Galaxy” music video shoot for Solo World Entertainment

DP Dominic Easter setting up the lights for "My Galaxy" video shoot.
DP Dominic Easter and director "C".
Edwardo Daniels and director "C".
Lights, Camera, ...

recent projects

“Sky High” music video for Nerd Squad Music
RED camera operator, DIT, technician

Ulysse Nardin shoot with Comfilms:

RED camera DIT, rental & technician on shoot


International Lovers movie:
Director of Photography,  RED camera DIT, rental & technician on shoot

A.M.P. IMMA G music video:

RED camera DIT, rental & technician on shoot


“What They Do” music video for Solo World Entertainment (shot at FACETMEDIA studio):



“One Less” music video for solo World Entertainment:

RED Camera operator


Flavor Seal promo:

Lighting, RED camera operator, Rental & DIT


Exposed PR (shot at FACETMEDIA studio):

RED camera operator


Nootie Pet Shampooo (shot at FACETMEDIA studio):

RED camera operator, green screen removal in Shake

Busy Week

Was staying in Brandywine, Maryland and commuting to Fairfax, Virginia from Monday 07/12 to Friday 07/16 while working on corporate videos for a realtor company. Flew back in to Fort Lauderdale at midnight on Friday and was up bright and early for the Flavor Seal infomercial shoot in West Palm Beach. Was pretty tired with barely any sleep that night but it was so good to be working with Sara Shake from Exposed PR, Joshua Miller,  Joseph Miller & Josiah Sampson from C&I Studios. Had a chance to meet Joshua’s parents while working the realtor shoot and also visited Camp Sonshine which Joshua’s family has been a part of for years. Was pretty impressed with how huge the church and daycare center was. Here are a few pics from all the shoots:

RED Pro Prime cine lenses have landed

Focal Length: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm
T-Stop Range: T1.8-T22
Mount: Arri PL

“Our lenses are designed very specifically for the type and placement of our OLPF and microlens array. All these other programs could have benefitted from the information, but everyone was apparently working in secret. The net result will be that we will likely have a decided advantage in optical performance when matched to a Mysterium family sensor… just because we had info that no one else asked for.”

— Jim Jannard
Founder of RED

Need a DIT?

Need a Digital Imaging Technician for your RED workflow? We have the tools to make sure your RED footage is safe, cataloged and first light corrected. We provide on set data back up services and RED footage preview. Send an email to for further information.

We can assist your shoot with a Nehalem Mac Pro 8 core 2.93GHz, 17″ MacBook Pro, 30″ Apple Cinema Display, G-RAID Drives and Panasonic BT-LH1700w. Software arsenal includes REDRushes, REDCine, REDAlert, After Effects CS4, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Studio 2.

RED Pro Primes and RED 18-85mm arriving this summer

We are still awaiting our order of the RED Pro Primes kit and the RED 18-85mm zoom lens. It’s been over 2 years now since placing an order for the RED Pro Primes. Needless to say delivery has been taking quite a while. 🙂 Well the RED lenses will be arriving at a great time, now that we have a second RED camera body to act as a backup body or for second AD crew. We were told by RED that the lenses should be available this month and will keep you guys posted when the lenses arrive. The RED Pro Prime kit Includes 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm. The quality of these lenses are absolutely stunning and the talk is that technically they rival the Zeiss Master Primes which are way more expensive. As soon as we get our hands on these babies we’ll post some samples. Nighttime filming with these should be a blast.

BTW… we are looking for local indies to colloborate with on projects. So send me an email at if you have a cool project in mind. If we dig the idea we’ll see what we can do together.