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Color grading demo work.

Jay R. featuring Marcus Cooper “Dance” music video

Directed by Edgar Esteves and DP by Denis Dufresne. Shot at FACETMEDIA studio on RED EPIC with Zeiss Compact Primes CP.2 “Super Speed” lenses, lighting and Digital Image Technician provided by FACETMEDIA.



Fito Blanko “Vamo Alla” music video

Shot on location in Fort Lauderdale mansion. Director Robdade and DP Denis Dufresne. FACETMEDIA provided RED EPIC camera, Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 “Super Speed” lenses, HMI lighting, Kino Flo 4×4, ARRI T1 1000 watt Fresnels and Digital Image Technician.


Ismael Miranda – Cuando Manda el Corazon (Music Video)

Directed by Fernando Lugo and DP Denis Dufresne. Partially shot at FACETMEDIA studio, we provided RED EPIC camera, lighting, Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 “Super Speed” lenses and Digital Image Technician.


Raziel featuring Miami’s Bambi – “Pop Twerk It”

Directed by Fernando Lugo and DP by Denis Dufresne. FACETMEDIA provided studio space, RED EPIC, lighting and Digital Image Technician. Shot on Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 “Super Speed” lenses.


This video is adult oriented vocally with explicit lyrics and somewhat visually… be careful what environment you are in while playing it:


RED EPIC package with Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed lenses

Available for rentals in South Florida. Email andrae at facetmedia dot com or call (954) 593-0411 for enquiries.



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