Canon Titanium mount

Our Canon Titanium mount arrived from RED over a month ago and what a great addition it is. We now have the ability to use affordable Canon EF mount lenses. We have been quite surprised by the performance of these lenses. The Canon lenses often look sharper than more expensive cinema lenses. Also the look is very nice too with skin tones and contrast coming off the camera with a graded look. Some of the best images we’ve seen on the RED cameras. Can’t beat lightweight, fast, sharp, cheap, Auto Focus and Image Stabilization. What’s even better is that RED is constantly updating the RED EPIC / Scarlet firmware to add more lenses and improve the AF performance. We are getting very good AF performance on Build 3.0.6 with the lens locking in much faster now compared to previous Builds. The focus performance is faster in most situations than most human follow focus pullers. In camera features such as a rack focusing mode where you click on two points and the camera will control the focus transition between the two points… are killer.

What I’m dying for now is the new REDmote Pro that will allow for wireless focus control of these lenses. This will save so much money not having to purchase other wireless follow focus systems with motors, transmitters and receivers. The REDmote Pro will talk directly to the camera, wirelessly having it control the built-in AF motor in the still lenses. With this feature alone a big transition will happen… it will be harder to justify the need of more mechanical cinema lenses with focus marks and gear pitches.

At FACETMEDIA we believe in lens independence and will make further investments in Nikon and Leica mounts once they are released from RED. You make the choice what lens package you want for the look of your project. Chose from higher end cinema lenses such as Zeiss Master Primes, Cooke, Angenieux, RED PL mount lenses or use still lenses that you’re accustomed to. With the RED EPIC and so many mount solutions being released… you have more choices.






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