Update #1:

Getting prepped for a photo shoot with Viz from Nerd Squad Music tonight. Luckily the huge 7 foot Photoflex Octodome3 soft box and Photoflex 900 speed ring that we ordered from B&H ¬†arrived this morning via UPS. This new acquisition will allow us to do large group photography. Before we were using two 4×4′ foot Kino Flos and the bare face novatron 2140c strobe heads but the key lighting was just not powerful enough for large groups. What I like about the Octodome 3 is the ability to have both a large face and smaller baffle for soft diffused lighting. Essentially two pieces of diffusion fabric for the light to go through. The gold and silver panels will also aid in warmer images.

Was quite surprised by the size of this thing… it’s impressively HUGE. Glad I never ordered two as originally planned. Also happy that we have enough Avenger C-Stands laying around that can accommodate the weight of the soft box and that the Photoflex mount seats perfectly on the 5/8″ stud. ¬†Here are some pics of the assemble:

Received a nice case with the page everything can tidily fit into a small package for traveling. We will need that mobility next week for some furniture store on location at the clients warehouse. Can’t wait to see what these images will look like. I’ll be sure to come back and post some samples as well as talk about lighting setup.

Update #2:

So that’s the photography side of things. We are making a big push into post production with Color Grading services on a Davinci Resolve system. Today we ordered the Flanders Scientific broadcast monitor LM-2460W. Which is a 10 bit monitor capable of displaying billions of colors. This is a critical piece in the workstation on top of the Mac Pro 12 core system with NVIDIA Quadro 4000 CPUs, Blackmagic Decklink Extreme 3d+ video capture card and 24GB RAM.

The monitor couldn’t come soon enough… just today talked to the producer for American Zoe and will be the colorist for their feature.

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