GoPro Hero4 Black 4k available for rentals

GoPro Hero4 Black that shoots 4k is available for rentals with a bunch of useful grip accessories such as Jaws: Flex Clamp, pole mount and suction cup mount… also LCD Touch BacPac, 64GB MicroSD, dual battery battery charger and extra spare batteries.



Need a RED EPIC Dragon, Sony or Canon DSLR for your shoot?

We got you covered from 6k RAW, through 4k to HD. All three have Canon EF mounts and work with our entire set of Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed or Canon L lenses. We are conveniently located in downtown Fort Lauderdale… for rental enquiries please email



Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed T1.5 lenses now available with Sony a7S II


Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed T1.5 lenses now available for rentals in downtown Fort Lauderdale with Sony a7SII and Metabones IV Canon EF adapter. Shoot amazing quality 4k footage with this camera package and Zeiss quality full frame cinema lenses. For rental inquiries email

DIT service



Experienced Digital Image Technician service available with inclusive package of maxed out 27″ 5K iMac plus a second 30″ Apple Cinema Display, GRAID 8TD Thunderbolt Drive, full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud 2015, Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve. Email for affordable rates.

Over eight years experience on hundreds of shoots with RED One Mysterium, RED One Mysterium-X, RED EPIC Mysterium-X, RED EPIC Dragon, ARRI Alexa, Canon C300, Canon 5D and Sony FS7 shoots.

Canon 5D Mark III vs RED EPIC Dragon dynamic range test

We often get asked by clients, whats the difference between the Canon 5D and RED EPIC? This simple test will at least show one main difference between the two cameras. That difference is how the RED protects highlights (bright areas of a scene) more due to a greater dynamic range of its sensor.  Details in the shadows are also retained more. This is clearly evident in the exterior scene of the balcony in the frame grabs below and also also in the darker areas of the shadows.

Dynamic range is the difference between the lightest light and darkest dark which can be observed in a scene. Once your subject exceeds the camera’s dynamic range, the highlights wash out to white, or the darks become black blobs. Canon 5D has 11.8 stops of dynamic range… each stop doubles or halves the amount of light depending if the light is increasing or decreasing. The RED EPIC Dragon has 16.5 plus stops. 

Canon 5D Mark III camera settings & config:
Canon 24mm prime lens at F5.6, ISO 250, shutter 1/400th, 5600k color temperature

RED EPIC Dragon camera settings & config:
Canon 24mm prime lens at F5.6, ISO 250, shutter 1/400th, 5600k color temperature, Dragon Color 2/RED Gamma4 (color science), Skintone OLPF

Time of day was around 2PM with approximately the same amount of cloud cover for each scene. Light source was one 1000 watt Tungsten, placed in the front to the side.

This is what I was expecting to see in the highlights. In the shadows you can see that the color science of the RED EPIC Dragon which defaults to DragonColor2/REDGamma4, presses the blacks down more. This test also gives a Director of Photography an idea what the minimum amount of lighting would take to brighten up the interior during a daytime scene. Considering that only one 1000 watt ARRI fresnel was used in this test… you are looking at least at a 1800 watt HMI to brighten the interior of the room while protecting the highlights of the exterior. Another trick would be to gel the windows. Since the glass sliding doors were opened halfway… on the tinted side to the right… you can see a comparison of how the scene would appear if the doors were closed and gelled to reduce the light.

If you’ve got questions or have a camera that you would like to compare to the RED EPIC Dragon… let us know and we’ll do another comparison. You can email info (a) facetmedia dot com.

Canon 5D Mark III dynamic range test.
Canon 5D Mark III dynamic range test, click for larger version.
RED EPIC Dragon: DRAGONcolor2/REDlogFilm  click for larger version
RED EPIC Dragon: DRAGONcolor2/REDlogFilm, click for larger version.
DRAGONcolor2/REDGamma4, click for larger version
RED EPIC Dragon: DRAGONcolor2/REDGamma4, click for larger version.

October 5th, 2013: RED EPIC and RED One camera intensive hands on demo and post workflow workshop



Date/Time: October 5th, 2013 from 9:30AM to 5:30PM.

Location: FACETMEDIA Studio. 5821 Rodman Street, Hollywood, FL. 33023.

Price is $100 per person. RSVP to attend here:


1. How to Build a RED EPIC and RED One CAMERA

2. HANDS-ON PRACTICE: Build Your Own RED EPIC and RED One Camera, HDRx, a New Way to Expose the Film

3. RED Storage media, transfer times and DIT (Digital Image Technician) purpose/gear/software that’s needed.

DITs Demystified: The Transformative Role of Digital Imaging Technicians on Set  <— Great presentation video that explains the role of the DIT and how he works with a Director of Photography to attain the best possible images. You will have to register to view the video.

4. How to expose a scene properly with the RED Epic and RED One camera


6. Post Workflow: Ingest RED footage, transcoding in REDCine-X, conforming for color grading

– And many more…

Refreshments will be on hand. Breakfast and lunch served.

If you don’t use Paypal please contact me for other payment options.


Andrae Palmer
email: andrae at facetmedia dot com
(954) 593-0411



Canon 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern RAW installed rental package



Canon L lens package:
Comes with 3 batteries, 64GB Lexar CF card and Canon L 24mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2 and 70-200 II f/2.8 lens package for $400 per day.
Additional bonus: Tiffen 77mm variable ND filter

Zeiss CP.2 Super Speed lens package:
Comes with 3 batteries, 64GB Lexar CF card and Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Super Speed T1.5 35mm, 50mm and 85mm lens package for $500 per day.
andrae at facetmedia dot com
(954) 593-0411

$125 per hour studio production package